‘Hermès Stinks of Death’: Activists Release Stink Bomb in Brand’s Boutique

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French fashion giant Hermès was dealt a nauseating blow today: while customers queued in front of the brand’s Paris boutique in the run-up to Christmas, PETA France activists released a foul-smelling spray in the store. One of the activists wore a T-shirt saying, “Hermès Stinks of Death” and held up a sign reading, “Hermès: Stop Exotic Skins” while speaking loudly about the torture animals are subjected to just so their skins can end up as fashion accessories.

“All of Hermès’ marketing know-how consists of ensuring that the power of the brand makes customers forget the animal origin of the bag,” declared a brand executive quoted in a 2022 article by French media outlet Challenges. But PETA France’s action encourages consumers to make the connection between Hermès’ products and the countless bloody corpses from which they are made. It takes the skins of three crocodiles, for example, to make a single Hermès Birkin bag.

Investigations Into the Exotic-Skins Industry

A shocking investigation into intensive farms belonging to Hermès by the Australian organisation Kindness Project revealed that crocodiles were confined to cramped cages or small concrete pits filled with filthy water before being subjected to electric shocks, dragged to the kill floor, and violently slaughtered.

PETA also released video footage revealing that Hermès suppliers in Texas and Zimbabwe confined tens of thousands of crocodiles to barren concrete pits, and alligators were cut up and butchered while they were still conscious – some were still moving as they slowly bled to death.

Hermès Must Ban Exotic Skins

Luxury brands that have banned exotic skins include Burberry, Chanel, HUGO BOSS, and Mulberry.

It’s long overdue that Hermès stopped turning its nose up at animal rights – an issue of major importance to today’s consumers, who reject industries that confine and torture animals.

Please join us in urging the company to turn its back on these archaic and cruel materials, which stink of death: