Today in Dublin: PETA ‘Geese’ Ruffle H&M’s Feathers

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The ribbon cutting for H&M’s new O’Connell Street store was attended by … giant PETA “geese”.

We’re calling on H&M to cut the cruelty by banning down, the soft layer of feathers closest to a bird’s skin, primarily in the chest region. Every down-filled item, from jackets to cushions, is stuffed with feathers that were torn from terrified birds who died in agony.

Conscious Birds Stabbed in the Neck

If you’re still wearing down, watch this PETA Asia investigation into Vina Prauden – a Vietnamese company that has previously supplied down to H&M.

The footage shows that ducks are forced to live in filthy sheds and on barren, faeces-filled lots. Many suffered from bloody wounds, and some were unable to stand. At a slaughterhouse, a worker violently grabbed birds and hung them upside down in shackles.

The birds were dragged through an electrified water bath that failed to render them unconscious. A worker then plunged a knife through the birds’ necks and left them hanging – still alive – to bleed out. Many of the birds continued to move for more than a minute after workers slashed their necks and cut off their feet.

Suffering Is Standard

The Responsible Down Standard, which H&M uses to humane-wash its sale of down items, claims to “ensure that down and feathers do not come from supply chains where animals have been subjected to any unnecessary harm”. But every farm and slaughter facility visited by PETA Asia investigators sold down to RDS-certified suppliers. All down is the product of cruelty, no matter what meaningless label is put on the product it’s used in.

PETA entities have released nine exposés of the down industry, each one proving that filth, suffering, and violent deaths are industry norms. Watch them today, and show them to your friends:

Geese and Ducks Need Your Help

The best thing you can do for birds is to stay away from any items containing down. Educate your friends about the cruelty behind every down-filled jacket or pillow, and fill your wardrobes with cosy and comfortable vegan materials. We’ve put this handy guide together to make vegan shopping a breeze:

Please also help us put pressure on H&M by sending it a message now: