This Terrifying Horror Movie Mirrors the Reality Behind a Product You Might Buy Every Day

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At first glance, The Herd might seem like any other horror movie in which people are hopelessly trapped by a murderer with no chance of escape. But the reality it mirrors is so much darker than that.

The film explores what it would be like if human women were held captive and impregnated, all so that their milk could be harvested and sold. Sounds horrific, doesn’t it? In reality, the characters’ situation reflects cows in the dairy industry, who are abused in this way all over the world every day.

The Herd Horror Movie Poster

The Herd has already won a multitude of awards and is being called the first vegan feminist horror film. It’s sure to raise the eyebrows of anyone who still drinks cow’s milk, and the aim is to increase awareness of the plight of female cows.

Cows on dairy farms are repeatedly artificially impregnated so that they’ll produce milk. Once their babies are born, they’re taken away after as little as one day so that the milk intended for the calves can be consumed by humans. The mothers pine for their babies for weeks, and the fate of their calves isn’t a happy one. The males are slaughtered, as they serve no purpose for dairy farmers, and many end up in the veal industry. The females enter the same sad cycle as their mothers: once their bodies are worn out from the constant strain of giving birth and being milked, they’re slaughtered and their flesh is sold as cheap meat.

The full film can be watched here, but be warned: there’s some mature content that some might find disturbing.

It’s so easy to help bring an end to the real-life horror that is the dairy industry by not contributing to the suffering. Order a free vegan starter kit today and check out the guide to delicious plant-based milks: