How Vegans Do National Cupcake Week

Posted by on September 19, 2012 | Permalink

This week is National Cupcake Week. Never to be left out of a baked goods–oriented celebration, we’ve been snacking our way through a selection of vegan cupcakes. With such variety of animal-free cupcakes available, you can treat yourself while choosing a compassionate diet.

You could always make your own, but leaving it to the skilled cupcake professionals can make National Cupcake Week extra nice. Here are a few ways to indulge this week:

Cat & the Cream has been around since 2009 and makes delicious handmade cupcakes in some great flavour combinations, including banana, cashew and peanut butter. You can find Cat & the Cream at several locations across the UK, including in London and Glasgow.

” p.s…it’s vegan!” bakes vegan cupcakes with a goal of rivalling any dairy- and egg-laden cupcake in tastiness. Based out in Colchester, you can grab these cakes at local market stalls.

Ms. Cupcake doesn’t make just good vegan cakes – their Brixton cafe is also great to visit. With a focus on providing an inclusive and fun experience, they are worth visiting, and not just for the top-notch cakes.

You can find Ruby Tuesdays‘ cupcakes in Greenwich or popping up at events like the Thames Festival. Made with organic flour and fair-trade cocoa, Ruby Tuesdays allow the seasons to shape their products, so look out for different flavours throughout the year.

Have we missed your favourite vegan cupcake? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @PETAUK (#nationalcupcakeweek).