Hythe Town Council Goes Vegan and Nabs PETA Award

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A first-ever Compassionate Council Award is on its way from PETA to Hythe Town Council, which recently passed a motion decreeing that only vegan food be served at official events. PETA supporter and Green Party councillor Martin Whybrow introduced the motion, in line with the council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Declaration, following discussions with PETA.

“The science speaks for itself – a plant-based diet significantly reduces greenhouse gas-emissions. With consumption of meat and dairy fuelling global warming and habitat destruction, including of rain forests for feed and grazing, this was an obvious, easy, sensible and cost-free step to take.”
– Martin Whybrow, Hythe Town Council

PETA is delighted to recognise the council for making Hythe and the rest of the planet a better place for everyone.

Why Vegan?

Vegan foods have the smallest carbon footprint, which means eating vegan helps protect our climate. Producing meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk emits more greenhouse gases than producing their plant-based equivalents does. Animal-exploiting industries are also major contributors to Amazon rainforest fires, deforestation, drought, and water and air pollution. Going vegan is a win for the environment.

Vegan food initiatives also prevent cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, fish, and other sensitive animals from enduring a life of misery and suffering on crowded, filthy farms. All animals feel pain, love, and joy, and they value their lives, just as humans do. None of them go willingly to slaughter.

What You Can Do

Hythe Town Council is fighting climate change with diet change and more and more councils – across the UK and worldwide – are doing the same. What about your local council? Contact your councillors and urge them to offer exclusively vegan food at all council events.

Not vegan yet? We can help: