Inditex Donates Thousands of Angora-Wool Clothing Items to Refugees in Iraq

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Last year, Inditex, the world’s largest clothing retailer and owner of brands such as Zara, Bershka and Massimo Dutti, agreed to a permanent ban on angora wool after being exposed to the horrible truth behind angora fur farming. Now the compassionate retail giant has once again put unwanted angora products to good use by giving surplus clothing to refugees as a generous and thoughtful donation.

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 1Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

As PETA Asia’s shocking investigation revealed, some rabbits scream in pain as their fur is ripped out, while others are severely injured by sharp tools as they struggle to escape when their fur is robbed from them. In addition, the angora-farming industry condemns these intelligent, social animals to years of isolation in small, filthy wire cages.

In response, Inditex is distributing its remaining stock of more than 30,000 brand-new angora-wool garments to refugee camps in Sulaimaniya and Diyala, Iraq.

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 5Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 4Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 3Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 2Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

This isn’t the first time the company has done some good in a terrible situation – it previously donated 20,000 garments to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Inditex is part of a growing list of more than 110 top brands and retailers – including H&M, French Connection, ASOS, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger – that have permanently banned angora wool. Every time a company stops selling angora products, the supply of the wool decreases, meaning that fewer rabbits will be made to endure the appalling cruelty shown in the video.

But these animals still need your help. If you see angora on sale anywhere, please speak out. Politely ask to have a word with the store’s manager, and explain how disappointed you are to see angora on sale, and perhaps also mention PETA’s video.