Introducing the World’s First Vegan Motorcycle Stunt Team

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StundedReality Vegan Stunt Riders

Cassandra Faye and Alistair Tomkins have a compassionate message for the motorcycle community. Bikers are perhaps associated with leather jackets and hog roasts, but the duo, who perform as a stunt-riding team, want to show that anyone can go vegan and that it might even improve your performance on two wheels.

Cassandra Faye Vegan Stunt RiderThey call themselves StuntedReality, the world’s only vegan motorcycle stunt team. We caught up with them to chat about how they’re advocating for animals. Alistair spoke with us about the challenges they are up against:

A difficulty for us as vegans is that the motorcycle community has always idolised leather-clad icons such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi – you name it! While the majority of humankind is programmed from birth to eat meat, offering a different opinion will always cause a measure of debate.

This is particularly apparent at any motorcycle gathering, where most of the food available is either hog roast or burgers. We are looking for partners who would like to help organise the catering at some of our events and introduce some cruelty-free options that show greater compassion for animals.

Thankfully, a vegan diet has its benefits. They found that, thanks to their diet, they have sustained high levels of energy and even heal faster. A healthy vegan diet is also great for slimming down. Cassandra explains:

Being overweight is a major issue in the motorcycle community, as it is in the majority of the Western world. We would recommend a vegan diet to anyone. Celebrities, scientists and doctors are already promoting the dietary benefits of a plant-based food plan because the results are undeniable.

With stunt riding, injuries often have to be treated during the season, so the quality of your diet is a crucial component to ensure a fast recovery – this is where our plant-based diet comes in. We heal much faster and more efficiently while our energy levels are sustained for long periods of time. Mind clarity and concentration are paramount when performing dangerous tricks using a 200-kilo motorcycle.

Alistair Tomkins Vegan Stunt RiderAs for gear, there are so many alternatives to cruelly produced leather on the market, but Alistair explains that they aren’t always advertised as vegan:

There are new materials that are far superior on the market now, like Cassandra’s new road boots from the Sidi range that use a synthetic leather called Lorica. As well as being a cruelty-free alternative, Lorica has a lower carbon footprint than regular leather. It is as durable as regular leather but is much lighter and nowadays is used as a tough alternative in motorcycle protective gear. It can be cleaned more easily than leather, and the material does not distort or become ruined by water as leather does.

As for jackets, we both wear Dainese textiles, as many of these do not contain leather and look and feel great. But Alpinestars comes up trumps with leather-free gear.

Vegan gloves are even becoming much easier to find. If you go to your local bike shop and have a look at the glove labels, you can generally find at least thee types that are leather-free.

The compassionate duo is hoping to establish StuntedReality at the forefront of the sport and continue promoting a vegan lifestyle as they do it. They are currently looking for vegan brands to join them as sponsors and help them show off the benefits of vegan living. Motorcycle fans can follow their exploits on the Facebook fan pages for Alistair and Cassandra, and if you have been inspired by their story, why not try going vegan for yourself?