Ireland Promises to Fund the Development of Alternatives to Animal Testing

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The Irish government is creating a new fund dedicated to researching alternatives to testing on animals in a vital first step towards ending the suffering of animals in Irish laboratories.

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More than 225,000  animals were used in scientific procedures in Ireland in 2015, so action to stop these cruel tests is urgently needed.

The fund will support scientists who want to develop new research methods that can replace – and improve on – tests on animals. Professor Mark WJ Ferguson, Ireland’s Chief Scientific Adviser, explained:

This is certainly a step in the right direction! Of course, many high-tech non-animal testing methods already exist, such as organs-on-chips and in silico modelling, which tend to yield more reliable results than archaic experiments on animals, in addition to being far more humane. Governments all over the world need to follow Ireland’s example by prioritising investments in cutting-edge non-animal research for the sake of animals and science.

And if Ireland truly wants to be a pioneer in progressive modern science, it should go further and commit to phasing out cruel experiments on animals altogether.

Speak Out Against Animal Testing

Please help animals trapped in laboratories in Ireland and elsewhere by speaking out against some of the most senseless experiments on animals – tests for household products such as washing powder, air fresheners, and furniture polish.

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