‘Turn It Off!’ Celebs React to Shocking Animal Testing Video

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Watch PETA’s brand-new video showing model Thalia Heffernan, blogger Holly White, Love Island star and presenter Greg O’Shea, and actors Emmett J Scanlan, Ferdia Shaw, and Victoria Smurfit reacting with tears and outrage to shocking video footage from inside European laboratories.

The new video urges Irish people to sign our European citizens’ initiative (ECI), which is calling for a transition to animal-free science and the strengthening of the EU ban on cosmetics testing on animals.

The EU Is Letting Animals Down

While we once thought all tests on animals for cosmetics in the EU had been abolished through the establishment of the Cosmetics Regulation’s animal testing ban, it turns out that the ban is being undermined by new and unnecessary animal testing requirements for cosmetics ingredients under separate chemicals regulations – even though these ingredients have been safely used for years.

What’s more, there’s no end in sight for the animals suffering in laboratories. Despite EU legislation recognising that the ultimate goal is to replace all scientific procedures using animals, no plan of action or concrete steps have been established to ensure that this goal is achieved – meaning that animals continue to be burned, drugged, paralysed, and mutilated in all kinds of horrific experiments.

Why Dogs, Cats, Fish, and Other Animals Need Our Help

“I didn’t realise they’re actually, like, nearly torturing these animals and breaking their spines, killing them and chopping their heads off. It’s just disgusting.”
– Greg O’Shea

Approximately 9 million mice, rats, fish, dogs, and other animals are used every year in cruel experiments and other procedures in the EU.

The majority of tests fail to predict reliable results in humans, yet experimenters restrain dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs and deliberately apply potentially toxic chemicals to their shaved skin or force them down their throats, causing the animals to develop tumours, sustain burns, or go blind.

“It’s forceful tubing down necks, it’s removal of body parts, it’s no anaesthesia, it’s cruelty.”
– Thalia Heffernan

Solution: The European Citizens’ Initiative

Started by PETA entities around the world along with Dove, The Body Shop, and more than 100 animal protection organisations, the ECI calls for the transformation of EU chemicals regulations without the addition of new animal tests and for the establishment of a plan to end all experiments on animals.

If the petition amasses 1 million verified signatures from EU citizens, the European Commission is obliged to push the initiative forward – which is great news for the millions of animals suffering in EU laboratories.

If you’re an EU citizen – regardless of where you live – please add your name to the ECI now:

Even if you’re not an EU citizen, you can still help! Please share the ECI with all of your EU friends and ask them to add their name now:



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