Join Rosanna Davison and Urge Dublin to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

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On Monday, Dublin City Council will vote on whether to ban from public land circuses that force animals such as elephants, tigers, and zebras to perform.

circus elephant laying downFilming for Liberation

Irish celebrity and animal rights activist Rosanna Davison has just written to the council on behalf of PETA and ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) to voice her support for such a ban.

She writes:

It’s simply unacceptable for astonishing animals like elephants, lions and tigers to be deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them, just so that spectators can watch them perform ridiculous and often painful tricks.

Treated as if they were equipment, animals used in circuses spend most of their lives in trailers and, often, chains. They are crammed into transport cages, hauled around from one venue to the next, and denied the opportunity to satisfy their most fundamental needs, never having an opportunity to roam over large distances, socialise with their own kind, forage, or make independent choices about their lives.

Many other local authorities, including Limerick and Galway, have already banned these unethical performances from being held on their land. It’s time for Dublin City to do the same!

You Can Help

If you live in Dublin, please send a quick e-mail to your local councillors before Monday and ask them to vote in favour of Noeleen Reilly’s motion to ban wild-animal circuses. You can find their contact details on the Dublin City Council website here.