Journey Straight to Hell – the Story of Monkeys in the Animal Testing Trade

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UK primate trafficking airlines macaquesGrim figures recently released by the Home Office show that 1,577 monkeys were imported to UK labs in 2012 from China, Vietnam and Mauritius. These primates were born in breeding facilities in Asia, usually in cramped, squalid conditions, before being packed into wooden crates, loaded onto the hold of a plane and shipped to Britain. Once they arrive, they’re dispatched straight to laboratories, where they will be kept in cages and subjected to agonising, often fatal tests. This infographic from PETA US takes you through a typical example of these animals’ terrifying journey:

Air Cruelty Infographic

You can TAKE ACTION against the cruelty.

Only TWO major international airlines still take part in the shady primate trade, Air France and China Southern Airlines. Please send them a message asking them to stop trafficking monkeys for tests, and end this unethical industry for good:

Macaque image: Ravit / CC BY-SA 3.0