These Kids Want You to Know That Orcas Suffer at SeaWorld

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When their teacher let them choose a real-life topic for their persuasive writing lesson, these students decided to put pen to paper for orcas.

Thelwall School Orca

Through their own research, pupils in Class 4 at the Thelwall Community Junior School in Warrington were shocked to discover that captive orcas at SeaWorld are kept in tiny barren tanks and endure years of illness and stress before a premature death. They wrote letters to urge everyone to join PETA in calling for the release of captive orcas to seaside sanctuaries. Here’s just some of what the students wrote:

  • “SeaWorld gives customers more room to park than they give orcas to live. This is horrific!”
  • “These whales are forced to perform tricks.”
  • “Doesn’t it break your heart that orcas die at the age [of] 13 when in the wild they live for 30 years?”
  • “Please stop whalenapping these creatures.”

We’re grateful that these kind students are spreading the message that orcas belong in their ocean homes – not in captivity. That’s why they’ve received PETA’s Compassionate Action Award.

As the children’s letters vividly describe, the sensitive, intelligent marine mammals who are imprisoned at marine parks like SeaWorld are denied the intricate social relationships and daily 100-mile ocean journeys they would experience in the wild. Housed in tiny concrete tanks, captive orcas swim in endless circles and often break their teeth from gnawing on metal tank bars out of stress and boredom.

SeaWorld Orca

While a huge shift in public opinion is forcing SeaWorld to change some of its practices, it remains a deeply unethical and exploitative business. If you’re travelling to Florida, please avoid this animal-harming attraction, and speak out if you spot any travel companies promoting trips to SeaWorld.