Leah Weller and Beyond Skin Launch Stunning Lace-Up Knee-High Vegan Boots

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Step out in these show-stopping vegan boots from Beyond Skin and Leah Weller and support PETA – as 10 per cent of each sale goes towards our work to help animals in the horrific leather industry and elsewhere.


The British vegan luxury fashion brand’s collaboration with Leah – a talented musician and model and daughter of the “Modfather”, Paul Weller – combines her musical heritage and vegan lifestyle. The edgy lace-up knee-high boots are sassy and sustainable with a rock and roll twist.

They have stiletto heels, pointed toes, and a full zipper on the inside leg and are lined with 100 per cent recycled PU vegan leather with a vegetable polymer coating. They’re perfect for any animal advocate, like Leah, who wants to rock a killer look without killing any animals.


The Problem With Leather

Before being killed for their skin, many animals endure all the horrors of factory farming – including intensive confinement inside filthy cages or pens, castration without pain relief, chronic infections and disease caused by extreme crowding, and a terrifying trip to the abattoir. More than 1 billion animals worldwide are killed in the leather trade every year, including cows, calves, horses, lambs, goats, pigs, and even dogs and cats. When you wear leather, there’s no easy way to know for sure whose skin you’re in. Learn more about the cruel leather industry.

Modern cruelty-free materials look like leather but won’t cost cows, sheep, or any other animals their lives – so there’s no excuse for killing animals for their skins.

Rock a Cruelty-Free Look

Pair Beyond Skin’s Leah Weller boots with indigo skinnies and a loose logo tee for the ultimate rocker look. And feel good knowing that 10 per cent of each sale goes to PETA to support our work for animals. Order your pair here.