Spare a Thought for Lobsters! PETA Places Giant Billboards in Weymouth

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Attendees of the annual Dorset Seafood Festival may be compelled to think twice about eating wildlife when they see the giant billboards PETA has placed at Weymouth train station:

Paul Brewer Photography

Paul Brewer Photography

Just like humans, lobsters feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives. Our ads encourage passers-by to spare a thought for these animals and opt for one of the many delicious vegan seafood options available today.

Have You Seen ‘Seaspiracy’ Yet?

If you haven’t, watch it now. The Netflix documentary Seaspiracy examines the global fishing industry, challenges the notion of “sustainable” fishing, and explains how humans’ actions cause widespread environmental destruction.

Here’s one of the most shocking things that folks are learning from it: if you wouldn’t eat shark fins or dolphins, you shouldn’t eat tuna or shrimp. The reason? One word euphemism: “by-catch”.

The World’s Biggest Killer

Today’s fishing industry is deeply cruel and damaging to the environment, killing millions of “non-target” animals every year in addition to the intended targets of fish and shellfish. These animals are often crushed to death or gutted alive on the decks of fishing boats.

A PETA US investigation into a crustacean abattoir revealed that live, sentient lobsters were impaled, torn apart, and decapitated – even as their legs continued to move.

When boiled alive, it can take up to three minutes for lobsters and crabs to die, and they writhe in agony until they succumb.

Craving Something ‘Fishy’?

Want to ditch fish and choose a kinder animal-free option? Delicious fishless fingers, vegan scampi, and plant-based fish cakes are all readily available – not only are they better for animals and the world’s oceans, but they also offer all the taste without any of the toxins or cholesterol found in cruelly obtained fish flesh: