Man U Coach Phil Neville Has Never Felt Better – This Is Why

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Watch football legend and current Manchester United coach Phil Neville share how he’s just scored a winning goal for his health and for animals by switching to a vegetarian diet!

In the interview – the first time that Phil has spoken about his new diet – he credits his wife’s influence with persuading him to give up meat. After promising to try out vegetarian eating for a few weeks at first, he hasn’t looked back and has gone from strength to strength. He explains:

“I started to feel healthier, leaner. I started to feel great!”

Phil also tackles the powerful ethical and environmental reasons for ditching meat and the growing movement towards a kinder, greener way of eating:

“I think people are understanding the benefit, not just for yourself but for … the environment. 2.5 million animals a day are being slaughtered. That is a damning statistic that we need to do something about”.

More and more top athletes are recognising that a plant-based diet is the best choice for their bodies as well as for pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and other animals who are mutilated, mistreated and killed by the meat industry. Notable vegetarian and vegan sports professionals include strongman Patrik Baboumian, sprinter Carl Lewis, tennis champion Serena Williams, ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll and Olympic gold medallist Alexey Voeveda.

If you’ve ever considered changing your diet for the better, why not take the same approach as Phil – try going meat-free for just a few weeks at first and then see how much better you feel. Sign our 30-day pledge to get started.

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