These Men Found Surprising Benefits to Going Vegan

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These three guys went vegan for ethical reasons but found that the lifestyle had a surprising effect on their appearance, energy and strength.

Fit Vegan Men Luigi

Luigi Miccolis, from Italy, made the decision to ditch meat and dairy foods after watching an animal rights film:

My strongest motivation is ethics: I remember feeling both astonished and a bit embarrassed to make the connection between the slice of meat and the living being it came from.

Luigi changed his diet for ethical reasons, but the personal benefits speak for themselves. While he was still eating meat and dairy foods, he had low energy, frequent colds and a weak immune system. Now, not only has his health improved, he also boasts a six-pack and an impressively toned body.

Here’s an example of what Luigi eats in a day:

  • Breakfast: green smoothie made from bananas, dates and raw spinach, or plant milk (soy, rice, almond) with wholemeal cereal
  • Mid-morning snack: two or three organic apples or other seasonal fruit, or nuts
  • Lunch: brown rice with oil, salt and parsley, or any other whole grain or steamed potatoes, with steamed vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans or other, preferably seasonal, vegetables, accompanied with homemade houmous and toasted wholemeal bread
  • Afternoon snack: two or three oranges or other seasonal fruit, or dried fruit, such as dried apricots, dates, figs or raisins
  • Dinner: veggie burger with steamed vegetables, or oven-baked sweet potatoes, roasted tofu or tempeh with the aforementioned veggie sides and wholemeal bread with a vegan topping

Fit Vegan Men Michael

Somerset-born Michael Waldron ate meat at almost every meal until he started watching videos about the health benefits that a fully plant-based diet offers and decided to try going vegan himself:

I decided to give it a try as an experiment to see if the benefits claimed were accurate. … I started to see results within the first few days. … I wasn’t as bloated, and my digestion was much better.

Fit Vegan Men TJ

Londoner Thomas Waterfall was a vegetarian for three years before dropping fatty dairy foods. He resisted switching to a vegan diet because of concerns about staying fit, but after starting a healthy dairy-free diet, he found nothing but positive results.

I feel more alert. I sleep better. I feel fitter. My complexion is much brighter – the list goes on. Before, I would go to the gym a bit but never really achieved the strength and fitness I had hoped for.

His amazing transformation is revealed in this time-lapse video:


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Have you seen any surprising effects on your appearance, energy or strength from going vegan? We’d love to hear your story. Please get in touch!