Spotted in Milan – Surprise Vegan Catwalk Pops Up in the Middle of Fashion Week

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Three models rocked designer vegan items in the middle of the Piazza del Duomo in Milan to show that no animal needs to suffer for fashion.



The activists – Anita de Bauch, Chloé Thiercé and radio and TV star Kris Reichert  – caused a stir in provocative outfits that highlighted the growing trend for cruelty-free clothes.

Looking fabulous in a faux-leather jacket from Armani, a wool-free scarf from Missoni, and a faux-fur gilet from Dondup, the trio were there to inspire the trendsetters at Milan Fashion Week to get on board with vegan fashion and reject cruelly produced fur, leather, and wool.

The protest came just days after a group of punk-inspired activists stormed London Fashion Week calling for a vegan fashion revolution!


Abominably cruel fur farms keep animals locked inside tiny, filthy cages before killing them for their skins. Leather can be made from cows, sheep, goats, and even dogs, and its production is almost as bad for the environment as it is for the animals who are slaughtered and skinned to make bags and shoes.

And many people don’t realise that the wool industry routinely kills sheep. Sometimes, these gentle animals are sheared so roughly that their necks are broken or they sustain horrific gashes and other injuries. And when they’re no longer wanted, they’re sent off to be slaughtered – or their throats are even slit on the spot, as this disturbing footage shows.

Luckily for people who care about animals, it’s easy to dress yourself stylishly without animal skins. From high-end designer pieces made from luxurious faux leather to cheap and cheerful high-street items made from cosy synthetic fabrics, vegan fashion has never been easier to find!


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PETA/Manfred Karremann