Pregnant PETA Supporter’s Nipples ‘Bleed’ in Dairy Industry Protest

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With her nipples caked in “blood”, a pregnant PETA supporter took to Millennium Bridge today – on Mother’s Day – to highlight the plight of mother cows in the dairy industry.

Why bleeding nipples? Many of the cows abused on dairy farms develop mastitis – painful inflammation of the mammary glands – caused by the easy spread of bacteria at these filthy facilities.

But mothers on dairy farms don’t just experience physical pain, such as mastitis, repeated forceful impregnation, and, ultimately, slaughter – they also endure deep emotional trauma at the hands of the industry.

The Dairy Industry Tears Newborn Calves From Their Mothers

Like humans and other animals, mother cows love their babies deeply. In nature, calves would stay with their mums for nearly a year. But in the dairy industry, newborn calves are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth – all so the milk meant for them can be bought and consumed by humans.

Cows produce milk to nourish their babies, and being separated causes grief and anguish to both mother and calf. Distraught mother cows often cry out for their lost babies for days.

The calves don’t have it any better than their mums. Male calves may be exported overseas for the veal industry. After long, gruelling journeys in cramped, sweltering conditions, they’re typically kept in filthy pens and fattened up before being slaughtered at just a few months of age.

Females are usually destined for the same fate as their mothers – they’ll be repeatedly violated by forcible impregnation through artificial insemination so that they, in turn, give birth to their own calves and produce milk that’s stolen by humans. The cycle of abuse, loss, and grief is bound to continue – unless we take action.

Take Action This Mother’s Day

Remember: mother cows love their babies, just as human mothers love theirs. No mum wants their baby to be taken away from them, let alone tormented and put through hell.

To make this Mother’s Day a truly special one for all mothers, swap dairy for delicious plant-based milk and cheese, readily available at supermarkets. Order a copy of PETA’s free vegan starter kit to help you on your vegan journey, or take our 30-day vegan pledge to get tips and tricks on living with compassion: