PETA Passed Out Vegan Eggs in Lincoln Amid Egg Shortage

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As the bird flu outbreak is decimating the egg supply and birds are being killed by the millions, PETA supporters in hen costumes flocked to Lincoln High Street to hand out free vegan eggs from OGGS, which recently won a PETA Vegan Food Award for its Scrambled OGGS.

No Chicken Eggs? No Problem

The costumed chicks pointed out that no chicken eggs is no problem, as vegan eggs are in plentiful supply, kind to birds, and better for humans’ health – and choosing them helps prevent the spread of zoonotic disease.

For Cluck’s Sake, Leave Birds Alone

Nothing is less appetising than the thought of sick, injured birds crammed into filthy sheds.

Chickens crammed together on "free-range" egg farm.

Even disingenuously named “free-range” eggs come from hens living in severely crowded sheds. Their beaks are routinely mutilated by cutting off the ends with an infra-red laser or hot blade in order to prevent the birds from pecking each other – an inevitable result of the extreme stress and frustration they endure.

Corpse of a dead chicken left to rot among the living on a "free-range" egg farm.

A PETA investigation into the Happy Egg Co revealed hellish conditions, as many birds were suffering from open wounds or living among the rotting corpses of their flockmates.

Opt for Cracking Vegan Alternatives

Reducing demand for their eggs will help prevent chickens from being forced to live – and die – in these heartbreaking conditions and prevent the further spread of bird flu.

There are so many great alternatives to eggs that you don’t need to stop eating your favourite meals – just swap a few ingredients. Simply dig into fluffy OGGS and other eggstraordinary vegan alternatives.



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