Orca Kasatka Dead at SeaWorld

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Kasatka is dead. She’s the third orca to die at SeaWorld this year. According to reports, she had been suffering from a bacterial lung infection since at least 2008 and her ailing body was covered in lesions before her death. Even though she was sick and on medication, SeaWorld artificially inseminated her again in 2011 and forced her to bear a fourth calf for the parks to exploit.

The dead bodies at SeaWorld are stacking up about as fast as its stock is falling, with Kasatka dead just a few weeks after the death of her 3-month-old granddaughter. SeaWorld talks of “love” for her and her family, yet it made a business out of tearing her away from her family as well as ripping apart other bonded orcas and shipping them across the US, even separating Kasatka from her podmate in 1984. The park didn’t even respect this orca enough to give her a good-quality life, and it needs to send the remaining marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries before they follow Kasatka – and the 40 orcas before her – to the grave.

No orca should ever have to live and die in a barren concrete cell for SeaWorld’s profits and humans’ fleeting amusement. Read Kasatka’s sad story here.

What Can You Do

In the UK, the Thomas Cook Group continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company’s cruel treatment of animals for profit. It’s time for the travel provider to follow in the footsteps of numerous others – including STA Travel and Responsible Travel – and sever ties with this marine abusement park.

Please urge Thomas Cook to stop supporting orca abuse.