Pamela Anderson Brings London to a Standstill

Posted by on October 26, 2010 | Permalink

Pam at the launch of her new adCovent Garden is one of the craziest, most bustling places in the world on a weekend. But on Sunday, all pedestrian traffic came to a standstill when Pamela Anderson, PETA’s “weapon of mass distraction”, arrived to unveil her racy “All Animals Have the Same Parts – Go Vegetarian” ad to the London media.

You may remember that in July, Québec authorities refused Pam permission to debut PETA US’ version of the ad on the city’s streets. Officials said that ad was too sexual, and Big Brother turned down the permit application! Not to be deterred, Pam held a news conference and premiered the poster up the street at the Just for Laughs Festival instead. There were no such problems in London, though. Crowds gathered in the thousands to take a peek at our ad and take home a leaflet highlighting the benefits of going vegetarian. The striking ad reminds everyone that cows, pigs and chickens are made of flesh, blood and bone, just as we are.

As Pam put it, “Humans and animals have a lot more similarities than differences. Both have a brain, a nervous system and, most importantly, a heart. And that’s why I’m a vegetarian. I hope that this new campaign helps people come to the same conclusion”.