Pamela Anderson’s Shower Scene Makes a Splash for Eco-Friendly Eating

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As the world’s freshwater sources become scarcer, longtime vegan Pamela Anderson is declaring that the solution to water issues isn’t just shorter showers but turning off the tap on animal agriculture. She’s making her statement by starring in a Hitchcock-inspired PETA ad photographed by artist David LaChapelle.

Pamela Anderson PETA Shower Ad

“Rivers are siphoned off, not just for the animals but for crops like alfalfa grown to feed animals on factory farms. Eating one pound of beef uses as much water as about six months’ worth of showers.”  – Pamela Anderson

With even the oldest, least eco-friendly showerhead, a 7-minute shower averages approximately 53 litres of water. How does that compare to the production of animal products? One tonne of beef takes approximately 15 million litres of water. That means the production of 1 pound of beef requires approximately 3,785 litres, the equivalent of 71 7-minute showers.

Beef production isn’t the only water-wasting culprit:

  • Chicken: 1lb = approximately  1,960 litres of water, or 37 showers
  • Lamb: 1lb = approximately 4,724 litres of water, or 89 showers
  • Pork: 1lb = approximately 2,717 litres of water, or 51 showers

In fact, according to the US National Academy of Sciences, animal agriculture drains a third of the world’s freshwater, and the United Nations has labelled the livestock industry as “probably the largest sectoral source of water pollution”.

As Pam says, “making a splash for the environment doesn’t just mean shorter showers – try vegan”.

Do your part for the planet and animals: start by ordering PETA’s free Vegan Starter Kit.