PETA Activists Urge Olympians to Go For Gold: Go Vegan!

Posted by on July 26, 2012 | Permalink

Painted head to toe in gold, three of PETA’s awesome activists showed off their giant medals in London today, urging people to “Go for the Gold: Go Vegan”. Their point? That throwing meat, eggs and dairy products out of your diet is the best thing that you can do for your health – whether you’re a top-rung Olympian or a couch potato.

A number of athletes – including nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis and Britian’s own Fiona Oakes, who ran 151 miles across the Sahara Desert in the world’s toughest foot race – have turned to a vegan or vegetarian diet to maximize their performance. These athletes, along with record-breaking 101-year-old marathon runner Fauja Singh, know that a great performance starts with healthy food.

Anyone can be a winner for the hundreds of millions of animals raised and killed in intensive farming units in the UK every year. Just like us, other animals are highly social, form strong bonds with their friends and families and mourn when they lose a loved one. Yet on factory farms, animals are crowded together in their own waste. Most never see sunlight or breathe fresh air. When they are still very young, they are loaded onto lorries bound for the abattoir, where they ride a conveyor belt to the person or machine with the knife. Many are still conscious and terrified when they face the final incision.

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