New ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ Trainers on the High Street, Courtesy of Esprit!

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With the demand for cruelty-free clothing, shoes and accessories greater than ever, international retailer Esprit is ramping up its animal- and eco-friendly credentials by launching a stylish new collection of leather-free trainers for women! The new line even carries a “PETA-Approved Vegan” hanging tag, making it super-easy for shoppers to make sure that their purchases are animal-friendly.



Esprit 6 Esprit 5


The new collection is available online as well as at Esprit’s shops in more than 40 countries – including London’s Regent Street flagship store.

We’d like to thank Esprit for setting a wonderful example of sustainable, ethical fashion for retailers around the world to follow.

The leather trade is one of the most damaging industries on the planet, because of its wide-scale abuse and slaughter of animals, the pollution it generates and the damage it causes to human health.

Approximately 1.6 billion cows are killed for their skins each year – 80 per cent in developing countries such as Bangladesh, India and China, where animal welfare laws are either non-existent or not enforced. As a result, these animals usually live and die in the worst possible conditions and may be skinned and dismembered while still conscious. The environmental footprint of animal-free fabrics – regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic – is minor compared to the environmental devastation of factory farming.

There’s no need to support this appalling industry. For more top fashion picks made from ethical animal-free fabrics, check out some of the other companies on our ever-growing PETA-Approved Vegan list.