PETA Asia-Pacific to Aid Tsunami Victims

Posted by on March 14, 2011 | Permalink

The key to protecting ourselves and our animal companions in any kind of disaster is being prepared. PETA US offers a tip sheet for animal guardians on how to prepare for any type of natural disaster that may arise. Tips include having an animal emergency kit ready, keeping all animal tags and records up to date, and having window stickers in obvious places on the front and back doors in order to alert emergency responders to the presence of animals in the home. Please make an urgent donation to support PETA Asia-Pacific’s critical work for animals who are suffering right now.

PETA Asia Pacific’s senior campaigner, Ashley Fruno, had this to say on the first steps in their handling of the situation:

I arrived Saturday night after spending a long time at the airport trying to get any flight out to Narita. I got one fairly soon after Narita reopened. Yesterday, I spent the day on a crowded bullet train operating at very non-bullet speeds going to Niigata, where I met up with an animal shelter here. We headed up to Yamagata today and are sleeping in a car tonight. We will be driving the two hours to Sendai tomorrow morning and working out what needs to be done. We (along with Animal Friends Niigata) are the first animal welfare group to be on the scene, and we were the first international group to respond.

We will give you more information about PETA Asia-Pacific’s rescue efforts in Japan as it becomes available.