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Unnerving ‘Bunnies’ Turn Heads on the Catwalk at London Fashion Week

A bold new look hit the catwalk at London Fashion Week today, thanks to a trio of volunteers who decided that the fashion world needs a nudge in the right direction – at least, where animals are concerned. Somerset House PETA demo against fur, angora and other cruel fashion items The three compassionate ladies strutted their stuff outside Somerset House on the Strand in London wearing a striking outfit, pairing lovely lingerie with huge Donnie Darko–style rabbit heads. Their statement was simple – no bunny should suffer for fashion. DSC_0065 DSC_0042 As a shocking PETA Asia investigation revealed last year, millions of rabbits a year are kept in tiny cages on Chinese angora farms. They’re plucked alive – causing them to scream in pain – or tied to boards and roughly sheared, time and time again, until, after a few years, they’re slaughtered for meat.

Other rabbits are farmed by the fur industry and live in miserable conditions for their entire lives before being bludgeoned or electrocuted and skinned for their fur. Only truly heartless people could take any pride in wearing coats, stoles or hats made from these suffering animals’ skins. The best thing that you can do to help rabbits and other animals abused for fashion is to check the label when you’re out shopping and avoid anything containing angora or real fur. If you see angora on sale, please politely ask the shop’s managers to stop profiting from the abuse of terrified animals.