PETA’s Awesome Volunteers – Animals Are Lucky to Have You!

Posted by on June 5, 2013 | Permalink

This week is Volunteers’ Week – and here at PETA, we’re constantly inspired by our fabulous volunteers, whose energy, passion and commitment to helping animals are essential to our work, every week.

Online, offline, on the streets, at our office or from their homes, our volunteers help us out in a huge number of ways. The following are just a few concrete examples of how Team PETA has been making a difference recently:

  • AndresIn February, approximately 5,000 people e-mailed Shropshire Council asking that it reject plans to build an  appallingly cruel chicken factory farm – and the council listened! Thanks to people power, the proposed facility was denied planning permission.
  • In April, volunteers braved the elements to pose nearly naked outside Fortnum & Mason on St George’s Day, with the message that “foie gras is un-English“. The protest received coverage in major media outlets, getting the message about the cruelty of foie gras across to millions of people.
  • One heroic volunteer, Andres Munch, ran the London Marathon for PETA, raising more than £4,000 for animals.
  • Last month, a crowd of volunteers rolled up to the PETA office to chat, feast on vegan pizza and help us send out 1,100 free vegan starter kits – thereby helping more than 1,000 people give up eating meat and potentially saving the lives of 100,000 animals a year!

demoThanks to all of you who’ve dedicated time to speaking out for those who can’t. By working together and standing up for our beliefs, we can and will create a better, kinder world.

Volunteering is varied, fun, a great way to meet like-minded people, and open to anyone who cares about animals – including you! Join our Action Team, and we’ll let you know about opportunities to get involved, from demos happening in your area to online actions that take only a few minutes but can have a huge impact. Sign up here: