PETA’s ‘Pig’ and ‘Cow’ Join the 99 per Cent

Posted by on November 22, 2011 | Permalink

Last week, PETA’s loveable “pig” and “cow” joined the protesters at St Paul’s Cathedral. They were there to let people know that while a relatively small number of people fatten their wallets in the meat, egg and dairy industries, billions of animals suffer and die.

Because of corporate greed, animals are being treated like parts on an assembly line rather than the intelligent, sensitive individuals they are. Anyone opposed to injustice or morally bankrupt operations by big business should condemn industrialised animal agriculture, which causes animal suffering on a colossal scale.

PETA's 'pig' and 'cow' outside St. Paul's Cathedral PETA's tent, with vegan messaging

As well as handing out free vegan treats to protesters, courtesy of the Redwood Company, our pig and cow also pitched a PETA tent with reminders of the effect that corporate greed has on animals’ lives and encouraging people to go vegan. By making small changes in our diets, we can make a big difference for animals. The first step is as simple as ordering your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today!