Photos: We Offered a Donated Fur Coat to Every Homeless Person in Iceland

Posted by on January 25, 2017 | Permalink

Every homeless person in Iceland will be offered a donated fur coat to help protect them from the freezing winter weather.

We’ve teamed up with Fjölskylduhjálp, a charity helping families and individuals in need, to offer every one of the estimated 200 homeless people in the country a fur coat.

PETA receives many fur coats from people who have had a change of heart after hearing about the cruel treatment of animals in the fur industry. Some are used in anti-fur demonstrations or donated to animal shelters for bedding, and those handed out in Iceland will offer warmth to people who could face harsh weather conditions with no shelter.

Foxes, minks, chinchillas, and other animals on fur farms suffer terribly during their short lives spent inside tiny wire cages, and they’re often driven mad by the close confinement. When fur farmers eventually kill them for their coats, they often use the cheapest methods, which include electrocution, strangulation, gassing, or simply beating them to death.

Whilst we can’t bring back animals killed for their fur, we can make sure that garments made from real fur are used to help people in desperate need – and in doing so, to raise awareness about the industry. If you want to turn your back on any fur clothing, please consider donating it: