PHOTOS: ‘Dying Monkey’ Begs Russia Not to Send Primates to Mars

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A striking protest outside the Russian Embassy in London today urged Russia’s space agency to abandon its unethical “monkeys on Mars” mission.

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Monkey Space Activists 1

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Monkey Space Activists 2

Russia’s plans involve sending four macaques to the red planet in 2017. These animals will already have endured years of gruelling experiments in laboratories when they’re dispatched on a terrifying voyage into the unknown, from which they’re unlikely ever to return.

As the protesters – among them adult-film star Samantha Bentley, who was bodypainted as a monkey and lay in a pool of “blood” – pointed out, this misguided project represents a return to the darkest days of the Space Race: a time when primates died horrifically from suffocation, overheating and impact.

To be a true pioneer in modern-day space exploration, Russia should instead use cutting-edge non-animal technology, as NASA, the European Space Agency and others do.

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Sign the petition urging the Russian space agency to cancel its planned experiment and instead send the four monkeys to a sanctuary, where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace.