Photos From Wool Trade Investigations

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PETA US’ undercover exposé of the wool industry in Australia and the USA has revealed shocking and systematic abuse of sheep. These photos illustrate some of the findings. For more information, and to watch the videos from the investigations, visit

Slaughtered Sheep

2013-11-04_4_Slaughtered sheep_IMG_0693

Unprofitable Australian sheep are often shipped to the Middle East to be slaughtered or are killed on farms. This animal’s butchered remains were left in full view of other sheep.

Sheep Whose Neck Was Broken

2014-03-30_08_Close up of dead sheep outside shed after work_IMG_0038

A shearer repeatedly twisted and bent this sheep’s neck, breaking it. The shearer kicked the sheep headfirst down a chute. PETA US’ investigator found her dead.

Ram Left to Die Overnight in Trailer

2014-04-03_2_Dead ram closeup with frozen liquid near mouth_IMG_0058

Workers hauled this ram into a trailer to be sheared and left him like this overnight. He was found dead in the morning, and a shearer cut the wool off his remains.

Sheep Who Died During Shearing

2014-04-21_06_Ewe that died in v1_IMG_0110

This sheep died while her wool was being clipped off. A shearing crew boss said of sheep dying during shearing, “It happens … every year”.

Severely Crowded Ewes

2013-11-01_12_Ewes inside catching pen 2_IMG_0680

Sheep are deprived of food and water, sometimes overnight, in part so that they’ll put up less resistance when shearers are handling them.

Severely Crowded Sheep

Crowded pens pre shearing_P1040632

Sheep are kept in severely crowded pens.

Crudely Stitched Shearing Wound on Abdomen

2014-05-15_1_Rindy belly wound stitch_IMG_0127

Workers didn’t give sheep any painkillers before pushing needles through their flesh to try to close gaping, bloody wounds caused by shearing.

Pieces of Sheep’s Skin

2013-10-15_1_Skin pieces_IMG_0626

Shearers cut off large swaths of sheep’s skin, like these, along with their wool and often wound the animals. The investigators never saw any cut sheep receive veterinary care.

Skin Attached to Wool

2013-10-15_4_Skin piece with key for comparison 3_IMG_0629

Chunks of sheep’s skin – up to 4 inches long – were found so often that one farm had a box marked “Skin,” into which wool handlers tossed pieces of flesh.

Blood-Stained Wool

2014-04-20_07_Bloody wool from sheep Matt stitched in V01_IMG_0090

PETA US’ investigator often found blood-soaked pieces of wool after shearers, who work quickly and roughly, severely cut sheep’s bodies – even cutting at least one sheep’s penis.

Rotted Lamb Testicles

2013-10-21_1_Lamb testicles with key for comparison_IMG_0648

Farmers put rings around lambs’ scrotums without anaesthetics to castrate them. Wool handlers sometimes find testicles and scrotums that shearers have cut off on the floor.

Lamb Scrotum

Lamb scrotum_2013-12-9_01_Ball bag_P1040794

Another “ball bag” – the testicles and scrotum cut off by a shearer along with the wool – was found on the floor.

Sheep Pushed Down Ramp

2014-04-02_10_Fallen sheep I helped up in v05_IMG_0052

Shorn sheep are often thrown and kicked down chutes. This animal lay in danger of being trampled by the next sheep shoved out of the shearing area until the investigator helped her stand.

Lame Sheep After Shearing

2014-03-28_12_Ewe unable to move after being shorn_IMG_0022

This sheep, who could not stand, was sheared and then dragged across the ground and outside a shed. She was left to lie like this, without water. Take Action Now