PHOTOS: Loved-Up Couple Go to Bed in the Middle of Paris With Fur-Free Message

Posted by on February 13, 2015 | Permalink

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, two PETA France activists made a grand gesture in what is commonly thought of as one of the world’s most romantic cities – Paris.


Drawing on the iconic idea of a “bed-in” for compassion, the couple reclined in a bed on a public street, with a message urging Parisians to have a heart and reject fur.


“We’re bringing our big hearts and bare skin to Parisians with the message that animals are not ours to wear”, explained one of the activists. “Valentine’s Day and Paris are all about love, so what better time and place to remind people to show animals some love, too, by refusing to support the cruel fur industry.”

You can also show animals some love this Valentine’s Day. Check out our tips for cruelty-free romance, and take action against the horrific fur industry – in which animals are killed for their skins by having their necks broken, gassing or anal electrocution and are sometimes skinned alive – by sharing our video and asking Harvey Nichols to stop selling fur. Take Action Now