PHOTOS: Team Badger Holds ‘Funeral’ for Cull Victims

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With a heavy heart, we must share the news that the first badgers will start to be killed in the next few days as part of the government’s cruel and misguided cull, which is happening for the third year in a row in Somerset and Gloucestershire and for the first time in Dorset.

Today, we joined musician Brian May and Team Badger in a solemn demonstration outside Parliament. Together, we mourned the 2,263 animals who were shot in last year’s cull and protested against the killing of thousands more that the government plans to massacre in the coming months.

The badger cull flies in the face of public opinion – and science. Time and time again, independent scientific advisors have concluded that the cull is not doing anything to curb bovine tuberculosis. It is, however, killing animals in inhumane, painful ways and wasting a huge amount of public money. It’s estimated that it has cost nearly £7,000 per badger killed to date.

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