PHOTOS: ‘Wild Animals’ Roar for Cruel Circuses to End

Posted by on September 16, 2015 | Permalink

Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament called on the government to keep its promise to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England and Wales.

Westminster protest for circus animals

Dressed as lions, tigers, elephants and other wild animals, a colourful crowd descended on Parliament today to demand an end to the beating, whipping, caging and chaining of wild animals in circuses. Supporters of PETA and Animal Defenders International were determined to draw attention to the plight of the animals who are still being forced to perform in UK circuses.

Circus handlers frequently beat, whip and electrically shock wild animals to teach them to obey or else suffer the consequences. Circuses keep lions, tigers and other animals on the road for up to 50 weeks a year, and when they aren’t being forced to perform, they’re usually shackled in chains or locked away inside cramped cages.

Around the world, many other countries have already outlawed these cruel circus acts – including, most recently, the Netherlands, which put a ban in place this week.

David Cameron promised the British people that the use of wild animals in circuses would be banned by January of this year, and while he’s failed to meet the deadline, he can still do the right thing by making good on the promise now. But every day that the government procrastinates is another day that animals continue to suffer in the name of entertainment.

Take Action

  • If you live in England or Wales, please send a message to David Cameron urging him to bring in the ban here.
  • If you live in Scotland, send a message to the Scottish government calling for a ban here.