PICS: PETA Donates Furs to the Vulnerable

Posted by on January 23, 2013 | Permalink

For years, PETA UK has encouraged people to donate their unwanted furs to us under the banner “clear out your conscience as well as your wardrobe”. Well, thousands of people have done just that, and we’re putting them to good use. We used some as bedding for orphaned foxes,  and we recently shipped 150 coats to Moldova to help vulnerable people keep warm this winter.

The fur coats were dispatched to needy people in Moldova, where temperatures regularly drop to below -15 degrees Celsius and can reach -30 degrees and keeping warm is a big challenge for people who cannot afford modern, lightweight, synthetic fibres and have no central heating. Their smiles and thanks have warmed our hearts.

The coats went to two groups of people identified as living below the poverty line. One is a group of people in Chişinău who regularly attend a weekly food-distribution centre run by ORA International. The rest went to elderly people in care homes in the Valcineti region, funded by ORA International and Love and Care for Moldova, who helped PETA to organise the distribution.

The coats were donated to us by former fur-wearers who have had a change of heart after realising the horrors of the fur trade. Watch Eva Mendes’ hard-hitting video about the fur industry to learn more about it yourself.