‘Pig Prisoners’ Protest Foston Factory Farm, ‘Guantanamo Bay for Pigs’

Posted by on April 4, 2012 | Permalink

Costumed “pigs” in orange jumpsuits – shackled and covered with black hoods – stood beneath a banner that reads, “Don’t Make Foston a Guantanamo Bay for Pigs”. They lead PETA members in a protest against Midland Pig Producers’ (MPP) plan to build a US-style factory farm in Foston. If approved, this industrial nightmare would imprison up to 25,000 pigs at a time, who would never see sunlight or breathe fresh air until they were loaded into lorries for transport to an abattoir at a rate of 1,000 animals a week.

PETA is calling on Derbyshire County Council to block MPP’s application, as approving it would signify a major step backwards for farmed-animal welfare in the UK. Not only would the factory farm mean a lifetime of suffering for animals, it would also represent a health risk to people, as intensive farming contributes to the spread of diseases, including swine flu.

“If the idea of sentencing complex, highly intelligent animals to a life of suffering in confinement doesn’t make you sick, the potential for the spread of swine flu might do it”, says PETA’s Mimi Bekhechi. “Midland’s pig prison has no place in Foston or anywhere else in Britain.”

Join PETA and compassionate people across the land in telling Derbyshire County Council that you object to the plan to build this farm!