Watch Now: Civet Cats Still Suffer for ‘Poop Coffee’ in Bali

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Civet cats in Bali are still being abused for “poop coffee”, also known as kopi luwak, which is obtained from the animals’ faeces. Watch this new footage by PETA Asia to see where it really comes from:


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Civet Cats Are Languishing in Cages

Investigators uncovered that tourists in Bali often visit coffee gardens where guides lie, saying that the faeces used for the coffee comes from wild animals, when it’s actually obtained from caged civet cats.

PETA Asia’s previous investigation into civet coffee in 2022 showed that it is made by capturing civet cats in their natural habitat, confining them to miserably small cages, and feeding them an unhealthy, unnatural diet of coffee cherries. The coffee is made from partially digested beans taken from the animals’ faeces.

Lies Behind ‘Civet Cat–Poop Coffee’

Investigators documented the abuse of civet cats on a farm in Bali and followed the coffee produced there to a coffee garden frequented by tourists, of which there are dozens across the island. On the farm, civet cats were confined to barren cages that were encrusted with excrement, dirt, and decomposing cherries. They paced back and forth and had painful open wounds.

A representative told an investigator that tourists would be furious if they knew the truth about the origin of kopi luwak. When investigators visited the coffee garden, a guide lied, denying the use of captive civet cats, even when confronted with the truth.

Take Action for Civet Cats

Don’t be duped – never support the confinement, suffering, and sadness endured by civet cats for kopi luwak. Don’t buy civet cat coffee, at home or on holiday. Tell Bacha Coffee to cut ties with the cruel “cat-poop coffee” industry.