Put Pressure on Fortnum & Mason by Calling Their ‘Boss’, Guy Weston

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Guy Weston is the chair of Wittington Investments, owner of Fortnum & Mason. He has the authority to end Fortnum & Mason’s support for foie gras cruelty today – he just needs enough people to tell him how objectionable foie gras is and that compassionate people across the world will not stop the pressure until Fortnum & Mason ends the sale of foie gras in its store and restaurants.

Please take just a few minutes to call Mr Weston. Ask to speak to him directly, although you will likely speak to his personal assistant, Carol Messenger, first.

You can contact Guy Weston via his Ms Messenger on +44 (0) 207 399 6532.

Some talking points to consider:

  • Geese are force-fed four times a day, during which huge amounts of food are pumped into their delicate stomachs. The feeding pipes often tear holes in the birds’ sensitive necks.
  • The force-feeding causes the birds’ livers to swell to several times their normal size.
    Sometimes, birds’ internal organs rupture, causing fatal internal bleeding.
  • Foie gras production is illegal in the UK – why is a company that blatantly trades on its British heritage paying overseas workers to abuse geese in ways that would be illegal here?
  • Fortnum & Mason should follow the compassionate lead of both Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, which have both removed foie gras from their food halls and menus.

By telephoning Wittington Investments, you’ll be sending a clear, immediate message that their involvement in this abuse of birds is unacceptable and has to end. We do hope we can depend on your support. The mere cost of a call is nothing compared to the cost of the lives of geese.

As well as telephoning, please take action and call on Fortnum & Mason to stop selling ‘torture in a tin.’