PETA Asks the Queen to Opt for Faux-Fur Ceremonial Robes

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Following reports that the Queen won’t be procuring any new fur items, PETA founder and Managing Director Ingrid Newkirk has written a letter to Her Majesty.

In it, Ingrid requests that the Queen grant ECOPEL – the world’s leading luxury faux-furrier – the opportunity to assist Ede & Ravenscroft in replacing the fur trim on Her Majesty’s ceremonial robes.

ECOPEL and Stella McCartney were recently honoured with a PETA Fashion Award for their collaboration on KOBA, a bio-based faux-fur fabric.

In the letter, Ingrid explains why switching to faux fur is the right decision:

“We can’t bring back the animals who perished for the fur on these robes, but this wonderful gesture would demonstrate that modern Britain is at the forefront of innovation while, at the same time, continuing to respect tradition.”

What’s Wrong With Fur?

Every year, over 100 million animals are killed for their pelts. On fur farms, animals are confined to cramped wire cages, denied the opportunity to do anything that’s natural or important to them, and killed by electrocution, neck-breaking, or drowning.

In addition to being torture for animals, fur farming wreaks havoc on the planet by contributing to climate change, land devastation, pollution, and water contamination.

Animals are also caught in steel-jaw traps in their natural habitats and left to languish – sometimes for days – before succumbing to dehydration, starvation, disease, or attacks by predators or being bludgeoned to death by returning trappers.

What You Can Do

Fur farming has been illegal in the UK for nearly two decades, but fur items are still being imported for sale here. Please join us in calling on the government to introduce a ban on all fur imports:

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