Workers Hack Off Live Rabbits’ Feet for ‘Lucky’ Key Rings

Posted by on September 25, 2019 | Permalink

Ever wonder where those “lucky” rabbit-foot key rings come from? Footage from PETA Asia reveals that on fur farms in China, workers hack off rabbits’ feet while the animals are still alive and hit them in the head before slitting their throats and tearing off their fur.

China is currently the largest producer and consumer of fur products, and it has no animal protection laws. PETA affiliates’ eyewitness investigations have repeatedly documented that fur farmers confine animals to filthy wire cages – often without access to necessities such as adequate food and clean water – and that they use the cheapest available killing methods, including suffocation, anal and vaginal electrocution, gassing, poisoning, and even skinning animals alive. If animals die in the cages, their starving cagemates may eat their bodies to stay alive.

Animals on fur farms are deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them – such as opportunities to forage, swim, or climb – because they’re forced to spend their entire lives inside the cramped, barren cages. Some even self-mutilate, chewing into their own limbs or tails because of the constant psychological and physical torment that they endure in such intense confinement.

Whether fur comes from China or other parts of the world, it involves extreme cruelty to animals. There’s simply no excuse for supporting this vicious industry.