VIDEO: Want Real Halloween Horror? Learn More About Animal Agriculture

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The meat, egg, and dairy industries want you to believe their tales of “happy” animals, but this video shows the real terror hiding inside every factory-farm prison.

The video, created by PETA Germany in collaboration with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, was released in 2018 ahead of Halloween to serve as a reminder that there are horror stories playing out every day for animals used and abused for food.

The misleading images of idyllic barnyard scenes that are propagated by these industries are a convenient way to conceal the exploitation and bloodshed that take place every day – but there is no happy life for animals on farms.

Farmed animals are treated as products. The story always ends the same way: animals who didn’t want to die are needlessly slaughtered. Then their body parts are shrink-wrapped and stamped with a price sticker so that humans can profit from their misery.

Time and time again, PETA eyewitness exposés have shown that labels such as “organic”, “grass-fed”, “free-range”, and “high-welfare” are designed to make 
consumers feel better, not animals. Investigations have revealed that shocking animal abuse occurs on farms and in abattoirs across the UK, even those that claim to have the highest standards:

The Truth About 'High-Welfare' UK Farms


What You Can Do

The best thing that anyone can do for animals is not to eat them! Ditching meat, eggs, and dairy “products” is the simplest way to spare the lives of nearly 200 animals every year – and to reject the daily cruelty that occurs in abattoirs and on factory farms in the UK and elsewhere.

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