Rhys Ifans Defends Furry Animals

Posted by on March 12, 2014 | Permalink

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans is known for his portrayal of quirky characters, in films from Notting Hill to Harry Potter. But now he’s taken on a deadly serious role – as an advocate for Canada’s seals

Rhys has just penned a letter to the World Trade Organisation urging it to uphold a ban on importing seal fur from Canada into the EU. Calling Canada’s commercial seal slaughter “inherently inhumane”, he points out that young seals have their skulls violently smashed or are shot – all for a dying industry that has been condemned by countries around the world.

Actor teams up with PETA to protest Canada's seal slaughter

Although there’s already a ban on seal-fur imports into the EU, Canada is appealing and trying to get the ban reversed. Rhys’ timely message comes just days before a crucial WTO meeting in Geneva on 17 March to discuss the appeal.

Compassionate Rhys joins fellow actor Jude Law in speaking out for seals as well as other celebrities from Pamela Anderson to Iggy Pop – not to mention thousands of everyday heroes who have sent messages to the Canadian government imploring it to stop allowing the annual slaughter.

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