Sadie Frost: Open Your Eyes to Animal Suffering With ‘Glass Walls’

Posted by on February 21, 2013 | Permalink

Vegetarian actress endorses Paul McCartney DVDLike millions of other caring people, Sadie Frost is a vegetarian. Recognising that eating meat will always involve cruelty, the actor and designer, who recently stepped into the PETA office to judge our shiny new vegan fashion awards, keeps dead animals off her and her children’s plates. But for anyone who is hesitating about ditching meat, she has one piece of advice – watch “Glass Walls” and learn the truth about how animals raised for their flesh or milk are treated.

The short video, narrated by none other than Paul McCartney, provides a window into the grisly world of factory farms and abattoirs. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”, Paul once explained.

So follow Sadie’s example – watch the video, then ask yourself if you really want to be involved in a system that mutilates piglets, tortures fish, incarcerates chickens for their entire lives and murders millions of animals a day. If you’re feeling unsure, order our vegetarian/vegan starter kit to learn how easy it can be to switch over to a diet free of cruelty.