Sexiest Vegetarian Bathes in ‘Blood’ to Protest Deadly Cosmetics Tests on Animals

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Sitting in a bathtub filled with “blood” with a banner that reads, “Stop the Bloodbath, Dr Cable: Support EU’s Cosmetics Testing Ban”, Victoria Eisermann – ex-Playboy model and female winner of PETA’s 2007 Sexiest European Vegetarian contest – was in full view of the Houses of Parliament today.

The European Commission – under pressure from the cosmetics industry – is considering postponing the 2013 deadline for banning the sale of cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals, and Dr Vince Cable, UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, has refused to commit to backing the ban as scheduled.

Victoria Eisermann

“Everyone knows that cosmetics testing on animals is a bloody, indefensible business, but the government is standing by and doing nothing while the EU ban on selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals is under threat”, says Alistair Currie, PETA’s Policy Advisor. “Vince Cable needs to stand up for what’s right, represent the people of this country and throw Britain’s weight behind the 2013 ban.”

Victoria Eisermann

In 2003, the European Parliament voted to end the sale of all cosmetics and toiletries containing ingredients tested on animals, setting a final deadline of 2013 for a full ban. Although the testing of cosmetics on animals is already banned in the EU, companies that test elsewhere can still sell their products in the EU until then.

Join Victoria, PETA, and countless Europeans in urging the EU to stick to the 2013 deadline.

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