Shocking Number of Meat-Eating Brits Don’t Know Where Their Food Comes From

Posted by on October 3, 2018 | Permalink

According to The Independent, a recent survey found that a shocking number of Brits don’t know where the meat they eat comes from or how it gets to their plates.

Of all the respondents, only 36 per cent could identify that pork shoulder is the flesh from a pig’s shoulder, and almost two-thirds couldn’t say where rump steak comes from – even though the clue is in the name.

More than 80 per cent of participants couldn’t identify which part of a cow a ribeye steak comes from, either.

These statistics show just how huge the disconnect is between what the average British consumer knows about the meat they’re eating and the cruel reality that animals raised for food face.

In Britain and around the world, the meat industry exploits and abuses animals for their flesh. It treats these sentient beings as nothing more than “products”, subjecting them to a living hell before killing them, chopping them up, and packaging them for sale without giving their wants or needs as much as a second thought.

Virtually none of the intelligent, sensitive animals raised for their flesh in the UK ever have the opportunity to spend time with their families, feel the warmth of the sun on their backs, root around in the soil, or do anything else that would make their lives worth living, let alone enjoyable.

When it comes to meat, eggs, and dairy “products”, there’s only one guarantee: that animals suffered and were slaughtered at a young age so that their bodies could be dismembered and sold. Time and time again, eyewitness exposés have shown that labels such as “organic”, “grass-fed”, “free-range”, and “high-welfare” are designed to make consumers feel better, not animals.

Of course, the real problem isn’t not knowing which body part you’re eating – it’s paying people to exploit and kill animals for their body parts at all. There’s one easy way to make sure that your food doesn’t cause animal suffering – and that’s eating vegan. Order a free vegan starter kit to find out why more and more people are choosing a healthy and ethical plant-based diet: