World Day for the End of Speciesism: PETA ‘Animals’ Feast on ‘Human Flesh’

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On World Day for the End of Speciesism, PETA protesters dressed as animals “feasted” on a “blood-smeared” human in London’s Leicester Square.

The “lunch-in” is part of PETA’s efforts to challenge speciesism – the belief that the differences between humans and other animals justify torturing, killing, and eating them or exploiting them in other ways.

Who’s on Your Plate?

Whether they’re a human, pig, cow, or chicken, no one wants to suffer and die to end up on a plate.

Pigs are playful, friendly, sensitive, and intelligent individuals, yet on UK farms, they are treated like disposable commodities. Farmers clip or grind down many piglets’ teeth and cut off their tails without using pain relief.

After female pigs give birth, workers confine them to farrowing crates so small they can’t even turn around, let alone fulfil their strong urge to build a nest as they would in nature. Farmers forcibly impregnate pigs over and over again and steal their babies when they’re only a few weeks old so they can be transported to fattening pens and eventually slaughtered.

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If you wouldn’t want to be caged, killed, and chopped up for a fleeting moment of taste, spare a thought for the individuals who are subjected to this fate and go vegan today.

You Can Combat Speciesism Three Times a Day

Speciesism is used to justify the exploitation of animals – including killing billions of cows, chickens, pigs, and others for food every year. We have the opportunity to save lives each time we sit down for a meal. With so many vegan options available, it’s easier than ever:

It’s Not Just About Food

To say no to speciesism, buy only vegan fashion and cosmetics that weren’t tested on animals, stay away from venues that use animals for entertainment, and otherwise reject the exploitation of animals.