Stella and Sienna Team Up for Pigs

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© iStockPhoto / Fotosmurf03

Here’s something that vegans and meat-eaters alike can agree on: Factory pig farms are bad for animals and the environment. After watching the documentary Pig Business, which shows the conditions in which factory-farmed pigs are raised, fashion designer and lifelong vegetarian Stella McCartney as well as actor Sienna Miller are asking people to stop eating factory-farmed pork and are calling for a European ban on factory pig farms.

Miller states, “Before I started researching the subject, I never truly realised the appalling extent to which pigs – intelligent animals – were treated in certain parts of the world.”

Pig Business, which debuted in 2009, shows pigs who are confined to filthy crates so small that the animals can’t turn around or lie down comfortably. It also features several prominent environmental advocates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who speak out against the huge toll that factory farms take on the environment.

“This film gives us the information we need to have to make a change as a consumer, to show government and food manufacturers we deserve better,” says Stella. “And so do the pigs giving their lives in such a barbaric way. If we stop the demand, they have to stop the cruelty and deceit.”

Via Vegetarian Star