Stop Vivisection!

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The European campaign Stop Vivisection is calling for a new European directive that would end experiments on animals in the EU.

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Earlier this year, a new EU law went into effect banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics products and their ingredients, a landmark move that will save countless animals from painful experiments. It shows that Europe is moving forward and making progress in the struggle against cruelty. However, millions more animals are still suffering in laboratory cages, where they are treated like living test tubes by experimenters. Stop Vivisection’s petition is a way to speak up for them.

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PETA has been playing an active role in the campaign to end animal testing – for example, we recently funded the development of an innovative, non-animal testing method that has the potential to replace inhumane toxicity tests on mice and guinea pigs.

The Stop Vivisection petition has been organised by Italian groups Almo Nature and the International Organisation for Animal Protection in collaboration with other European organisations. It’s open to anyone in the EU and so far has gathered more than 600,000 signatures from people who are against animal testing and want to see it replaced with a scientific approach that protects the well-being of humans and other species.

The goal is a million signatures from people in all 28 countries of the European Union.

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