H&M Store Opening Crashed by PETA Activists

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Update (3 May 2024): ‘Angels’ Summoned to H&M’s Annual Meeting
H&M’s annual meeting was overrun with PETA protesters – a bevy of heavenly “angels” decked out in faux-feather wings descended on the venue where the meeting was hosted.

Meanwhile, a PETA supporter inside the meeting doubled down on the message by using their status as a shareholder to present a resolution for H&M to ban down.

The actions – which followed a protest at the opening of a new H&M shop in Nottingham the day before – put further pressure on the brand to “be an angel” by ending its sale of products made from cruelly obtained down feathers.

Original post (2 May 2024):
PETA supporters crashed the opening of H&M’s new Victoria Centre shop in Nottingham. Opening more shops can only mean the death of even more ducks, which is why two activists disrupted the event, urging the retailer to make the compassionate choice to stop selling products made from feathers.

This is PETA’s latest demonstration in a string of actions encouraging H&M to ditch down – and all animal-derived materials – which include a protest outside the company’s annual meeting last spring.

A Cruel Reality

Many people don’t realise that the feathers in every down-filled item, from jackets to cushions, were torn from terrified birds who died in agony.

PETA is calling on H&M to cut ties with this cruelty by banning down and urges everyone to fill their wardrobes with cosy and comfortable vegan materials.

Birds Slaughtered for Down

A PETA Asia investigation into Vina Prauden – a Vietnamese company that has previously supplied down to H&M – documents that filth, suffering, and violent deaths are commonplace in the exploitative trade.

Footage shows ducks suffering from gaping, bloody wounds inside dirty sheds and on lots strewn with faeces. Birds were stabbed in the neck while still conscious, and many continued to move for more than a minute after workers slashed their necks and cut off their feet.

Demand That H&M Go Down-Free

You can take a stand against the slaughter of birds by urging H&M, Marks & Spencer, Gap Inc, and other companies to ditch down and switch to animal-friendly materials:

The best way to ensure that no animal suffered for your duvet or any other item in your home or wardrobe is to only buy items that are 100% vegan. We’ve put together this useful guide to make shopping for vegan clothes and bedding a breeze:

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