‘Strictly’ Star Karen Hauer: ‘Always Adopt – Don’t Shop’

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Flying through the air in a voluminous black dress alongside her three adorable rescued dogs, Strictly Come Dancing star and dancer Karen Hauer appears in a new PETA campaign encouraging everyone to “Quickstep to Your Local Shelter” and steer clear of breeders and pet shops.

“So many dogs out there need a home. They just want to be loved and they want that opportunity to be part of a family. Animal shelters and rescue centres are filled with lovable, affectionate dogs and cats who would make wonderful companions – and their lives depend upon being adopted.”

– Karen Hauer

Watch PETA’s new video to see the TV star discussing her bond with her pups Betty, Marley, and Phoebe:

Always Adopt, Never Shop

Not every animal is as lucky as Betty, Marley, and Phoebe are. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats end up in animal shelters in the UK, and many of them have to be euthanised simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them.

That’s why Hauer and PETA advocate for adoption and urge guardians to have their animal companions spayed or neutered.

“Adopting Betty, Marley, and Phoebe were three of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Hauer says. “If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family, please remember to always adopt – don’t shop.”